10pcs Traceless Removable Washable Nano Gel Grip Tape

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Main Features

  1. Strong Adhesive: Our reusable nano adhesive is made of unique Nano material,with durable, double-sided self adhesive.The nano gel sticky tape holds up to 1 KG on a smooth surface, it is easy to disassemble without damaging your wall or surface.
  2. Washable&Reusable: You can wash the nanotape with water. No need use any other wipes or detergent. You just need to wash and dry it to restore the sticky then reuse again.This nano gel sticky tape is very easy to remove and will not damage your walls or surfaces and leave no residue.
  3. Removable&Traceless: Tear off without leaving any traces, without damaging the surface of the object.
  4. Multipurpose: The multipurpose nano grip tape can be used for wall, ground, doors or windows, glass, mirrors, whiteboards, metal, kitchen cabinets or tile. It can also be used in home, office, car , wardrobe, tabletop, bathroom and so on. It can work perfectly in a temperature range at -16°C~62°C.

Stick to wherever you want

How to use

  1. Clean the surface you want to stick;
  2. Stick it on with a little bit of force.
  3. Tear off it and wash, dry it by itself.

When the double sided carpet tape viscous loss or the surface gets dirty, wash the heavy duty mounting with water and dry it by itself. Then you can reuse the adhesive mounting for more times.