Super Sticky Pet Hair Remover Kit

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  • The lint remover is great for household daily use, perfect for all fabric clothes, carpets, curtains, food residue, furniture and even the upholstery of your vehicle. Best lint rollers for clothes,cat hair, dog hair.
  • Professional strength adhesive requires fewer passes to remove debris, getting the job done faster. This pet hair remover for clothes is environmental protection, non-toxic, no odor, and will not leave any trace on the cleaned subjects.
  • Lint rollers with unique Parallelogram shape sheets, easy to tear off and save physical strength, sheets can be teared cleanly every time.
  • Lint tape roller is made of original wood pulp, environmental and economic, you can throw the dirty pieces into dustbin, and enjoy a clean and environment friendly life.
  • The handle of our pet hair remover for clothes is very durable, made of upgraded ABS, it’s environmentally friendly. The lint roller handle is ergonomically designed, feeling good. There is a hole on the handle end, you can hang in wall to save space. A dust cover is provided free of charge to store the roller perfectly.

Introduction for Sticky Lint Roller:

  • What occasion do you need this lint rollers?
  • The expected appointment is coming while the clothes are covered with fiber or hair?
  • Do you have no idea about how to deal with pet hair after the amazing close time with the lovely pets?

Just take it easy, ours sticky lint roller can easily solve the problems, clean the lint, dust , hair on clothes, sofa, bed , floor, carpet, furniture ,comforters within a few mins , keep the suit and house as clean as it was. Don’t let the hair, dust or food residue spoils your life.

The Best Lint Roller is Applied for:
Pet hair, pants, coats, sweaters, dresses, suits, formal wear,carpets, curtains, food residue, furniture and even the upholstery of your vehicle etc.

Specifications of this Lint Roller Pack:
★Material: ABS handle
★Weight: 1.48 lb
★Size: 10.63x7.87x2.36in, paper core diameter 1.5in, length 4in

SKU  Package Contents
A    ★Lint roller Handle *1
   ★Lint rollers Refills *9 (540 Sheets)
B    ★Lint roller Handle *1
   ★Lint rollers Refills *12 (720 Sheets)